The Big 4 (2022) Movie Wiki, Cast, Review, Release Date

The Big 4 (2022) Movie Wiki

The Big 4 (2022) Movie Wiki

The Big 4 (2022) Movie Wiki, Cast, Review, Release Date. The big 4 is an upcoming Indonesian action thriller movie and it’s scheduled to stream on Netflix on 15 December 2022. You can watch this movie on the Netflix in English and Indonesian language. The Big 4 movie is directed by Timo Tjahjanto and the story was written by Timo Tjahjanto and Johanna Wattimena.


The story of this series is based on revenge in this movie you will watch girls who want to take revenge of her father dead. And she started with a team-up of four and it’s called The Big 4. The girl went to the island with friends and they found many clues about her father. In Indonesia there are main island so most of the shooting of this movie is filmed on the island. This movie is a crime thriller action movie and you will see a lot of action scenes in this The Big 4 movie.

The big 4 movie is an action thriller movie where you will see 4 people fighting with a gangster. Tells the story of an elite assassin that is targeted by murderous gangsters After sparing a girl’s life during a massacre. and the whole story is based on a gangster group fight. If you have watched the movie of gangster then it will be interesting to watch because The big 4 movie also contains comedy scenes too.

The Big 4 Netflix Movie, Wiki,All Cast, And Crew Members

The Big 4 (2022) Movie Wiki
The Big 4 (2022) Movie Wiki
MovieThe Big 4
GenreAction, Thriller, Crime
CastAbimana Aryasatya
Putri Marino
Arie Kriting
Kristo Immanuel
DirectorTimo Tjahjanto
WriterTimo Tjahjanto
Johanna Wattimena.
ProducerWicky V. Olindo as producer
Daiwanne P. Ralie as co-producer
Chali Sakyan as line producer
Timo Tjahjanto
Production CompanyTBA
Release Date15 December 2022
Release LanguageIndonesian and English with multi-language subtitles
Release Platform Netflix

The Big 4 Cast

  • Abimana Aryasatya is playing the role of Topan
  • Putri Marino is playing the role of Dina
  • Lutesha is playing the role of Alpha
  • Arie Kriting is playing the role of Jenggo
  • Kristo Immanuel is playing the role of Pelor
  • Marthino Lio
  • Michelle Tahalea
  • Kho Michael
  • Budi Ros

Abimana Aryasatya and Putri Marino is playing the main lead role in this movie, where Putri as Dina and Abimana as Topan. Lutesha, Arie Kriting, and Kristi Immanuel are playing supportive roles in the action thriller movie. And other ones are another cast.

Crew Members

Timo Tjahjanto and Johanna Wattimena are the main writers of this movie where is directed by Timo Tjahjanto. Wicky V. Olindo, Daiwanne P. Ralie, Chali Sakyan, and Timo Tjahjanto produced this movie The Big 4.

The Big 4 Movie Release Date

15 December 2022, The big 4 movie is set to release worldwide level on the Netflix app on 15 December 2022. The big 4 will release in 2 languages like Indonesian and English language. But the best thing is that Netflix will air this movie in multi-language subtitles for the audience. So you can also watch with the help of subtitles too.

Currently this time Netflix will not release in Hindi dubbed it will only release in Indonesian and English language. But Netflix will release it with Hindi subtitles for hindi audiences. Or it can be come up with hindi dubbed too. If you want to watch then you can watch it on Netflix after its release.

The Big 4 Movie Review

After watching the trailer of the movie The Big 4 we can say that this is a good watchable movie. The trailer of this movie has been already released on the youtube channel and its liked by many audiences. The big 4 trailers crossed over 1300k views on the youtube channel. And it seems popular on youtube. If you like to watch action comedy gangster types movies then it will be the best option for you. You can watch it after streaming. What are you thinking about this movie comment and tell us?

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